The special White Truck parts created in 1926 for the new 7½ set are listed below; images of these parts can be seen here.
Part # Description
BC left fender
BD right fender
BG truck body
DD hood & radiator
DE steering column
DF tie rod
DG drag link
DH steering knuckle
DI front axle
DJ rear axle
DK flat spring
DL bumper
DM disk wheel
DO steering wheel
DR rubber tire
DY bushing
R dash plate
The later period redesigned truck parts are listed below.
Part # Description
DE steering column
DK flat spring
DO steering wheel
LX steering bracket
MA radiator
MG engine hood
MH disk wheel
MI front axle

Evolution of an Erector Model: The Truck

Hi folks, Doc here. Welcome to the second installment of "The Evolution of an Erector Model". This time, the subject is the truck, in all of the many forms it took through the years in Erector manuals and How to make 'em books. In putting this piece together, I went back to the beginning of Gilbert Erector history (1913) and then moved through to the true end of that history (1962, when A.C. Gilbert died) to see what different forms the Erector truck model took during this 49 year period. The first ten years or so was known as Style (Type) I, and very few truck designs were to be found in Style I manuals. That's not surprising given the time period, but one of those few examples is shown at right: the Auto Dump Wagon. But, shortly into the next and greatest period of Gilbert Erector history there appeared what is arguably the greatest of all Erector trucks, the White Truck.

The now famous White Truck chassis, which marks the real beginning of Gilbert's foray into truck models, also represents the pinnacle of Erector truck model design. The White Truck first appeared in an Erector manual in 1926. Gilbert based his Erector version on a pressed steel toy truck of the time, which in turn was modeled after a real truck made by the White Motor Company (see photo of a 1925 UA1827 at right). To build the truck model, Gilbert introduced 17 new parts made specifically for it (a list of these parts is shown in the left sidebar below). These parts were included in the top-of-the-line #10 set that year. But, as was often the case with other famous Classic Period models, Gilbert also added a new set to the 1926 Erector line to feature the White truck, which he dubbed the #7½. This set, which appeared with different names throughout its 7-year run, came to be known simply as the "White Truck Set" by fans and collectors. And, as you might expect, given the dedicated nature of the #7½ White Truck Set, its manual featured many different truck designs, all based on the White Truck chassis. Images from the manual of the chassis and most of the truck variations are shown below. For more information on the White Truck Set, see our pictorial here.

The famous White Truck chassis, the basis for all White Truck models, including those shown below.

Fifth Avenue Bus

Trolley Repair Truck

Dump Truck

Covered Delivery Van

Universal Crane

Moving Van

Hook and Ladder

Fire Engine

With the advent of the next phase of Gilbert Erector history, all of the special White Trucks parts were dropped from the inventory, although eight of the parts, including wheel/tire, hood, radiator, and spring, were redesigned and carried on in a different form. A number of the White Truck models were also reimagined and carried forward, although the new versions were simpler and less realistic in appearance than their White Truck predecessors. Despite this "shortcoming", these models, along with the other new model designs that appeared as the years progressed, still made impressive display pieces and were just as fun to build. A number of these designs featured two different versions, one to be built with small or midrange sets, and another to be built with larger sets (with the aforementioned special chassis parts). Many of these models are shown below.

The next generation truck chassis; smaller set version on left, larger set version on right. These two versions were the basis for most of the new truck designs, including those shown below.

2½ Set Delivery Truck

3½ Set Truck

6½ Set Delivery Truck

6½ Set Runabout Delivery

6½ Set Tow Car

7½ Set Ice Truck

7½ Set Dump Truck

7½ Set Fire Engine

9 & 10½ Set Dump Truck

9 & 10½ Set Farm Truck

9 & 10½ Set Derrick Truck

9 & 10½ Set Fire Engine

9 & 10½ Set Tow Car

9 & 10½ Set Universal Crane with Lifting Magnet

Engineer's Set Mobile Radar Scanner

Master Builder's Set Half Track Anti Aircraft Gun