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Erector Windmill Models Through the Years

Dutch Windmills
Dutch Windmills

Hi folks, Doc here. In this pictorial we'll look at a group of related models that appeared in both Type I and Type II Erector set manuals, and were a popular model type with builders up until the end of traditional Gilbert Erector production. Although the basic function of all windmills is the essentially the same, windmill use varies considerably, as the range of models shown below illustrates.

All windmills, both old and new, convert wind energy into rotational energy. This rotational energy can then be used to power a variety of devices and perform a variety of functions. In the beginning, windmills were used to rotate large flat stones between which grain was ground into flour, i.e., they were "mills" powered by "wind". Over time, other uses were discovered, such as driving a pump to move water for drainage, irrigation, human consumption, and other applications. Eventually, with the development of generators and turbines, windmills could be used to harness wind energy in order to produce electricity.

Shown below are both Type I and Type II Erector windmill models. They illustrate many of the uses and applications mentioned above. Foor all designs, I have presented the manual illustration of the model in question. In many cases, I have also included a photo pf a real world example as well as, where possible, a photo of the actual Erector model as featured in the Model Gallery here at Girders & Gears--be sure to check them out. You can also download instructions for the models shown below: CLICK HERE or visit our Downloads page.


No. 2½ Dutch Windmill

No. 4½ Windmill

No. 6½ Dutch Windmill

No. 6½ Windmill Pump

No. 10½ Dutch Windmill

Miscellaneous Small Windmills