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Gary Gullickson's Erector Crane Truck

Gary writes: "I took a break from building electric powered RC model planes and boats and assembled an Erector Set truck mounted crane. I incorporated the old A48 wind-up motor using a large pulley made from turret plates and a belt made from 1/8" Dritz brand elastic cord. I butt joined the ends with CYA glue using accelerator 'kicker' and it holds well without coming apart. The truck goes about 25 feet per key wind. The wheels steer via the steering wheel and steering assembly. The crane can raise and lower the boom and has a hoisting hook. Could have used the electro-magnet and lights. Model turned out a little large for display as room 'd├ęcor'. May tackle Parachute ride but will need to repair 60 year old parachutes.


One pic shows the boom in stowed position. I tried to show rear drive pulley and details of manual crank hoisting mechanisms. Note small angle pieces that hold gears from turning. It would be easy to attach electro magnet and to use regular AC motor/gearbox instead of windup motor and manual crank mechanism. Adding light fixtures and 3 D-cells would be easy too."