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Jared Ruiz's Erector 1940s Fighter Plane

Jared writes: "Here is a model of a generic 1940s fighter plane I made a couple months ago using parts from a 1934 No 7, plus extra. I built it using some techniques that a lot of balsa wood models use so it has a very model-like quality to it. I think it turned out ok, but the wings were a little to small.

The finished model design features conventional "taildragger" landing gear, three-bladed prop, and a canopy that blends into the dorsal fuselage, which was typical of many WWII fighter airplanes.

I saved photos of the tear down so I could build it again in the future. As far as construction goes, I started with the wing, adding the first vertical fuselage cross sections before adding the red base plate pieces. The rest of the fuselage cross section pieces where added, then I filled in the gaps with the girders. I added a photo I took part way through construction."

Construction prior to completion of the fuselage and installation of the tail; note that this version features a propellor with four short blades rather than the three long blades seen in the finished model above.

Photos above and below show key subassemblies and other parts.