Listed below are the parts needed (minus screws and nuts) to build the pumpjack model shown on this page.
 Part  Qty 
3-hole strip4
5-hole strip10
6-hole strip3
7-hole strip3
11-hole strip6
small angle7
short double angle5
long double angle4
short curved strip3
flat trunnion2
large pulley w/boss1
pierced disk w/boss1
short axle2
solar panel1

Doc's Ami-Lac-Built Solar Powered Pumpjack

Hi folks, Doc here. The photos and video below depict the featured model from the Ami-Lac Solar Derrick construction set. The model is a simple, yet functional design that lends itself perfectly to solar power. It incorporates a small 1-volt motor and a solar cell panel that produces about 400mA of current under full, direct sunlight. It will also operate, although more slowly, under a strong incandescent light source that is placed close to the panel. This model can also be easily replicated with parts from almost any other system. If you'd like to build a derrick like this one, whether you use solar or battery power, I have included a parts list at the bottom of the page. And, check out the video clip of this model in action!