Tobias Sunneräng's Merkur Brooklands Racer
Tobias writes: "I was interested in metal construction systems at the age of maybe 10 or 12, when my father bought some TRIX-metallbau. Nowadays he has a small collection of Meccano (Erector). I like the quality feeling you get with the sturdy plates etc, that you get with Merkur.

Since I'm not a 100% purist, I've added some elements to my merkursystem:

  • Some brassbushings of the same types that meccano (erector) has (homemade), theese are used in the steering gear of both the submitted models.
  • 4mm threaded rods cut in the same lenghts as the merkur axlerods, 4mm nuts & screws.
  • The 4mm screws are very useful whenever you donít want the pretty big play that you get in moving joints with the 3,5mm screws in 4mm holes.
  • I've also cut a 6x4mm brasspipe in lenghts acc to the length of the merkur axlerods, these parts can be used as spacers here and there.

On the blue brooklands racing car, the exhaust / sidepipe is made by using the brass coupling from an ordinarie 'sugarcube' electrical coupling. The ones I've found have the 10mm spacing & 3,5mm thread that Merkur uses. This part can be used to fasten strips to axles."

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